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NGYX I.C. Homepage

Welcome to NGYX I.C.

NGYX I.C. is a registered (# BE 0537.471.159) Non-Profit Belgian Company active in Biotech/Pharma/LifeSciences and supporting efforts for Human Health Care.

Introduction to NGYX I.C.


NGYX I.C. has been created in August 2013 with primarilly 2 Objectives/Goals:

For both "exercices" we rely on our extended expertsise in the related fields:


  • HIV-1: > 10 Years as Project Leader for VircoTYPE (Janssen Diagnostics, JnJ Group) managing all aspects from pure R&D to FDA "ready" HIV-I Drug Resistance Diagnostic Service (Click here to capture more).
  • Biotech Tools: > 15 years experience in design and creation (R&D up to Production Line) of Molecular Biology Tools i.e. DNA Molecular Weight Marker "Smart Ladder" (Eurogentec; click here for more info). PA


NGYX I.C. details / Coordinates.

Company N°: BE 0537.471.159

Postal Adress: NGYX I.C. (P. LECOCQ ),rue des Hausseurs 10, B-4550 Nandrin, BELGIUM.

Email: Info@NGYX.EU Tel. / GSM: +32 498 532496 IBAN: BE63 7506 5746 0708 BIC:AXABBE22